Musings and ramblings of my journey.

The Dirty Kanza reminds us some of the best secrets of life.


I’ve put in the energy as a rider the past two years in the DK200, and this year I felt a strong purpose to capture this event as a photographer. I’ve been inspired by photographers such as Linda Guerrette, Jason Ebberts, and Brad Glidewell who tell stories through their images that have enticed me to take on some of my toughest cycling events. Along with fellow Texas photographers Kenny Lim, Corvin Alstot, Jim Hicks, Mike Gladu, and Derrick Birdsall, I’ve always been thankful to be surrounded with great mentors and friends who have helped me along the way.

Here’s my little tribute to DK:

If you watch and listen closely, the Dirty Kanza is full of magic and wonder. The Flints Hills itself is wide open country that unravels stories of riders before you. The Dirty Kanza reminds us some of the best secrets of life:

1. Hugs are never overrated.

2. Community is everything.

3. Loosen the grip on life and let the magic happen.

4. From my friend Lyn Bazil-Blubaugh before departing for the DKXL: “ We have to get uncomfortable to find what we are made of.”

5. Share your experiences, who knows who you are inspiring.

6. Nature is the best therapy.