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CCN Sport North America

Over the past three years my CCN kits have been my go-to kits for both training and racing - more specifically their Bib Shorts Pro and Pro Jersey 2.0. I was super stoked to try out their most recent Pro Jersey 3.0, Speed Jersey, and Speed Bibs.

Here’s what I liked

  • Pro Jersey 3.0 (pink): sleek cut/design with separate arm sleeve panels, breathable side ventilation, great texture and feel of the front torso and back panels

  • Speed Jersey (light blue/yellow): sleek cut/design similar to the 3.0, very light and breathable material which is perfect for the summer

  • Speed Bibs (grey): no leg cuffs, all one smooth leg panel, and seamless straps

I’m looking forward to designing new kits for the Cantu Cycling Wheels CX team and maybe a fun design for this summer. Decisions, decisions. Can I just have one of each!?!

Huge shout to Daniel Heid from CCN Sport North America. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to outfit your team for some quality custom wear!