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Every small town needs a Honey's

I had the pleasure of taking photos at Mimosas & Market hosted by Honey's Coffee. There's something about small businesses that gives me this postive energy. It's hearing the excitement in people's voices, seeing their face light up when they talk about their venture, their courage behind taking a risk, and the very palpable genuineness and sincerity they put into their work. I've been so thankful since Honey's Coffee has opened up. When I first moved to New Waverly it was easy to feel isolated in a small town of population 1,032. I don't know anyone, where does everyone gather, is there a town square, are there events?

Something magical happens when you open up a small coffeehouse and that's what I love the most about Honey's. Seeing locals come out of the wood works and having a space for them to gather, enjoy, and have conversations - how wonderful is that! An atmosphere so inviting that it's hard not to smile at a stranger and in my case a stranger turned into friend that lives just down the road from me. It's amazing just how much you learn about someone when you take the time to sit down and chat with them.  I feel that is rare these days. We need more sit down coffee and conversation time and less time sitting behind our screens and watching the world unfold on our phones. 

As for our small town of New Waverly, I hope we can maintain this small business/community identity as the Houston sprawl/commercialism continues to work its way north. Let's stick together and keep supporting small businesses. I feel the next step is to build a park or square where kids can play and the town can gather outdoors. See this pattern in gathering? It's all about community.

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