Musings and ramblings of my journey.

December 14th, 2017

The past couple weekends have taken me to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for Ruts N' Guts and the Resolution Cross Cup in Garland, Texas for some UCI cyclocross. My love of photography and cycling collide, time flashes by, and my mind is on cloud nine. I wake up in the morning and the day is like a clean open canvas. The start of story. The start of a great composition. In racing, I feel alive. It's game day. It's time to bring your best to the plate. Adrenaline. Anticipation. Nerves. Determination. Problem Solving. It all brings out the best in me. It's very similar feeling in photography. Chasing the light, capturing moments, trying to create an image where racers are interacting the sport and unique features throughout the course. Sometimes you get a second chance, most times you don't. But when you capture that one shot at just the right moment and create something's a priceless feeling. 

Venny Alub