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The Dirty Kanza reminds us some of the best secrets of life.

I’ve put in the energy as a rider the past two years in the DK200, and this year I felt a strong purpose to capture this event as a photographer. I’ve been inspired by photographers such as Linda Guerrette, Jason Ebberts, and Brad Glidewell who tell stories through their images that have enticed me to take on some of my toughest cycling events. Along with fellow Texas photographers Kenny Lim, Corvin Alstot, Jim Hicks, Mike Gladu, and Derrick Birdsall, I’ve always been thankful to be surrounded with great mentors and friends who have helped me along the way.

Here’s my little tribute to DK:

If you watch and listen closely, the Dirty Kanza is full of magic and wonder. The Flints Hills itself is wide open country that unravels stories of riders before you. The Dirty Kanza reminds us some of the best secrets of life:

1. Hugs are never overrated.

2. Community is everything.

3. Loosen the grip on life and let the magic happen.

4. From my friend Lyn Bazil-Blubaugh before departing for the DKXL: “ We have to get uncomfortable to find what we are made of.”

5. Share your experiences, who knows who you are inspiring.

6. Nature is the best therapy.

CCN Sport North America

Over the past three years my CCN kits have been my go-to kits for both training and racing - more specifically their Bib Shorts Pro and Pro Jersey 2.0. I was super stoked to try out their most recent Pro Jersey 3.0, Speed Jersey, and Speed Bibs.

Here’s what I liked

  • Pro Jersey 3.0 (pink): sleek cut/design with separate arm sleeve panels, breathable side ventilation, great texture and feel of the front torso and back panels

  • Speed Jersey (light blue/yellow): sleek cut/design similar to the 3.0, very light and breathable material which is perfect for the summer

  • Speed Bibs (grey): no leg cuffs, all one smooth leg panel, and seamless straps

I’m looking forward to designing new kits for the Cantu Cycling Wheels CX team and maybe a fun design for this summer. Decisions, decisions. Can I just have one of each!?!

Huge shout to Daniel Heid from CCN Sport North America. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to outfit your team for some quality custom wear!

Cyclocross Nationals 2018 - Louisville, Kentucky

Perfect cross weather in effect this week: rain, mud, cold, and more rain…limitless rain. If you want to que the wet weather just the thought of cycling will trigger sprinkles and showers. Here is quick series to show the mud madness from Friday. This was only just the beginning..

Venny Alub
Resolution Cross Cup - Garland, TX

Resolution CX is always a special weekend for me. I think back three years ago when I was watching in awe of the pros and now this past weekend got to race them. I’ve raced some exciting races on this course and captured some of my favorite images. It was a muddy race back in 2015 and I remembering getting some great shots that weekend thinking to myself, ‘maybe this is my calling.’ Three years later, here I am. I can’t imagine doing anything else. Give me a camera, give me a bike, take me outside, I’m the happiest girl in the world.

Venny Alub
The beauty in the sunrise waits for no one

The beauty in the sunrise waits for no one
Some mornings more than others
An energy
an itch to create something out of nothing

In my state of wonder on the front porch
watching the steam dance off the pond
A hot cup of coffee
Breathing in the cool air of the fall morning

A great white egret as still as a statue
standing in calm waters
As the speckles of light started peeking through the trees
I ran back into the house to grab my camera

I knew I only had a small window of time
I knew this light didn’t last forever
I know soon the day will unravel
I know that every morning we can choose to play in the beauty of the sunrise

Venny Alub
Texas Cyclocross

We’re six weeks into the cyclocross season. It’s flying by so fast! This week has been somewhat chaotic with all the rain and flooding. I’ve got to say I’m really impressed with promoters creating something last minute to keep the racing weekend alive. 2 new races sprouted out of 2 race cancellations. Keep on, keepin’ on TXCX!

Venny Alubcyclocross
Six Shooter - Austin, Texas

Six Shooter was my first ever cyclocross race 5 years ago. The crowd was electric. People in weird costumes. I was deep in the suffering zone. I remember grabbing first twenty dollar hand up. Been hooked ever since.

Venny Alub
Every small town needs a Honey's

I had the pleasure of taking photos at Mimosas & Market hosted by Honey's Coffee. There's something about small businesses that gives me this postive energy. It's hearing the excitement in people's voices, seeing their face light up when they talk about their venture, their courage behind taking a risk, and the very palpable genuineness and sincerity they put into their work. I've been so thankful since Honey's Coffee has opened up. When I first moved to New Waverly it was easy to feel isolated in a small town of population 1,032. I don't know anyone, where does everyone gather, is there a town square, are there events?

Something magical happens when you open up a small coffeehouse and that's what I love the most about Honey's. Seeing locals come out of the wood works and having a space for them to gather, enjoy, and have conversations - how wonderful is that! An atmosphere so inviting that it's hard not to smile at a stranger and in my case a stranger turned into friend that lives just down the road from me. It's amazing just how much you learn about someone when you take the time to sit down and chat with them.  I feel that is rare these days. We need more sit down coffee and conversation time and less time sitting behind our screens and watching the world unfold on our phones. 

As for our small town of New Waverly, I hope we can maintain this small business/community identity as the Houston sprawl/commercialism continues to work its way north. Let's stick together and keep supporting small businesses. I feel the next step is to build a park or square where kids can play and the town can gather outdoors. See this pattern in gathering? It's all about community.

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